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Bali 2011

1st Dive
Location: Tulamben Bali
Dive Site: liberty Wreck

Well this is the only picture i took 😦 * i am the one taking this picture, so the guy in the picture is not me*

Entry was a horrible experience.. Rocks and pebbles fills the shoreline, struggle to balance with the full rig up equipment we are carrying, walking thru the rocks and pebbles is a *ouch* in every step, and the waves splashing against my body.. My soles are only protected by a 3mm thick layer of neoprene booties..

2nd Dive
Location: Tulamben Bali
Site: Forgot. i think is called drop off or something

The Dive Guide


This site is slightly better.. No currents, vis is estimated 15m to 20m.. Its like a mini wall diving with the maximum depth of 22m. Managed to spot a robust ghost pipe fish.

My girlfriend Jessic@

A passerby Diver

My girlfriend again

3rd Dive
Location: Tulamben Bali
Site: Coral Garden

Managed to spot a giant honeycomb moray eel

Cleaner shrimp

4th Dive
Location: Amed Bali
Site: Unknown

Managed to snap a pic of this tiny pigment seahorse

Whip Coral Shrimp before my Camera housing crack 😦